5 Home Security Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Many of us work hard for our home and its possessions but, when it comes to securing such items, we don’t always put the same amount of effort in. Burglary rates rise daily throughout the UK, so we all need to pay attention to how potential intruders see our homes. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right security, a dose of common sense and a few simple changes, you can rectify the  most common home security mistakes in minutes.

Leaving Valuables in View 
How many houses do you walk or drive past at night where the curtains are open, giving you a clear view of the inside of their home? Likewise, during the day, you may notice several homes without nets or blinds whereby everyone gets a public viewing of what’s on the other side of the door. For potential intruders, being able to see what you have in the home, alongside a layout of how to get to it, gives them an advantage of knowing what possessions to take, how to take them, and all in quick time. The solution costs nothing – it’s merely a case of ensuring people cannot see through into your property!

Unlocked Doors
Another mistake easily remedied is not keeping front and back doors locked, even when you’re at home. When you lock a door behind you, not only do you stop potential intruders from gaining access with ease, you also protect those inside  the home should anyone manage to access the property via this method. Intruders have no morals and will try any method if it’s open to them, whether a resident is home or not. None of us want to come face to face with a stranger in our home, so make it a habit of locking all doors, removing the keys away from them.

An Empty Looking Home
Most houses are left empty during the day as we work. However, potential intruders don’t need to know this! Timers on lights are effective at making it appear like someone is home, as are noises such as radios and TV’s. Outdoor security lights can also emphasis anyone suspicious approaching the property. Could you keep a car on the drive while you are out, giving the impression that someone is home? If you have trusted neighbours, discuss being vigilant and keeping an eye out for each other’s homes. Look at your home through the eyes of a potential intruder. What gives the game away that your property’s empty? How can you remedy this?

Nowadays, having CCTV in the home is an option available to nearly all of us. CCTV is a massive deterrent as potential intruders would rather not risk being recorded. It’s also great for offering you extra piece of mind.  With links straight back to your TV, console or mobile device, two cameras are perfect here for capturing both front and back of your property. If you can angle them to cover doors and windows at the same time, all the better. By law, you must make it clear to visitors that you have CCTV, but this also informs potential intruders that they too are being watched.

No Alarm System 
Like CCTV, an alarm system is the perfect visual deterrent and if professionally installed by an approved contractor, you could benefit from lower home insurance premiums in addition to peace of mind that your home is protected. The best product here is one that detects not only someone entering through doors and windows but also one which captures movement once inside the home, should they have made it through undetected.

Remember, most crimes are committed by opportunists, who happen to be in the right place at the right time. Implement these quick and easy prevention measures, and you won’t give them any incentive to pick your property.