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For commercial and domestic property we offer the following physical security solutions.

Gates and railings – individually handmade to any size, shape and design to give you absolute choice over the detail and finish.

Grilles and Collapsible Gates – bespoke designs of grilles and collapsible gates to protect shops homes and industrial premises.

Gate Automation – becoming an ever more popular way to control access to your premises at the same time as providing a visual and physical deterrent to warn off unwanted visitors and creating a safe haven from within the boundaries of your premises. All gates are custom designed and manufactured in many different materials dependent on requirements.

Styles include standard swing, sliding and cantilever.

Barriers – are a great way of providing traffic management. From simple manual barriers to fully automated systems, both options give you the power to restrict entry and exit from a site. Number plate recognition systems (ANPR) can also be installed offering a fully automated solution.

Locksmith –  All work is carried out by registered locksmiths who provide expertise in the supply and installation of all types of locks and security equipment.

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Why Choose Eurotech

  Professional, local and independent security installer

•  Established for over 40 years

•  Trusted online reviews

•  Highly competitive pricing

•  NSI Gold certification

•  Reliable and highly skilled technicians

•  Insurance company approved

Your Trusted Security Partner

When it comes to protecting your home, family and business, talking to the right security company is paramount.


“I would just like to add that from start to finish it’s been an absolute pleasure engaging with your highly professional and courteous business and will definitely be in contact if we have any future requirements.”



“The whole fire alarm system installation went without a hitch, and the friendly staff really put my mind at rest! A good night’s sleep at last!”



“The work done was great and without any hassle. In fact, Dan was so considerate and precise, filling and recolouring damaged areas, and Leigh was also excellent and knowledgeable. Both were real gentlemen.”

Abdullah Galawey


Eurotech Security Systems Ltd proudly sponsors the Wormley Rovers Football Club under 11s youth squad

Eurotech Security Systems Ltd proudly sponsors the Wormley Rovers Football Club under 11s youth squad . Eurotech Security Systems Ltd is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Wormley Rovers [...]

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