A Homeowners Guide to Garage Security

It is a well-known fact that the average domestic garage is a literal treasure trove of valuable items such as power tools, mowers, bikes and many other expensive household essentials and as a result, they are commonly targeted by criminals looking to make some easy money through little effort.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of affordable yet effective security measures and precautions that can be put in place to help homeowners reduce the chances of their property being targeted.

Garage Door

Starting with the main access point (as this is the largest and therefore most vulnerable area of the building) it is essential that the garage door that is fitted to the building is capable of providing resistance to attack. With many options to choose from certain designs offer a far higher level of security than others so never overlook this important area when looking at ways of improving security. In fact, according to Roller Doors Ltd many garage door manufacturers now offer insurance-approved models that have been attack tested to meet specific standards and will ultimately provide a near impossible barrier for the thief to get through so these may well be worth a look if you are serious about protecting your belongings. This is because in comparison to this, traditional up-and-over designs are nowhere nearly as secure so if you have one of these fitted to your property and can’t afford to upgrade, one really useful precaution that will help beef up security is to fit additional locks to the door and install a ground anchor to padlock it shut (from either the outside or the inside – whichever is more convenient).

Pedestrian Access Door

The second most common point for a thief to force entry is through the pedestrian door (usually located at the side of the garage in a more secluded location). Due to this it is highly recommended that the door be of sufficient strength to provide resistance to a sustained attack (timber and composite doors are an excellent choice) and should therefore be fitted with 5 lever deadlocks as a minimum. To further enhance security another increasingly common security measure is a roller shutter. This is an excellent physical security barrier by adding an additional layer of security to the opening and will ultimately slow down the criminal massively or more than likely put them off trying to get through in the first place.


Although this may sound simple the most effective precaution that can be taken is to close the window and keep it locked whenever ventilation is not required or the building is not occupied. You would be amazed at how small a gap a thief can get through (especially if they can see the valuables they can get to if they are successful).

In addition to this if high-value items are vulnerable or if you live in a high crime rate area it is also a sensible measure to install security window shutters.


To reduce the chances of anybody lurking around the property unseen security lighting is an excellent choice. With many options available ranging from solar powered units through to ones fitted with PIR sensors, they cost very little to install and run yet provide an excellent additional layer of protection for any security conscious residential property owner.


If your home is fitted with an alarm system then it may be possible to add additional sensors inside the garage and interlink it into the existing alarm unit. Alternatively, if this is not possible a stand-alone unit can be installed and will prove an invaluable investment should someone find their way inside the building.

Locked Storage Units

If space permits, an additional precaution is to keep all the high-value items locked away inside a secure storage locker (bolted to the wall or ground). This not only keeps them from view but will also mean the extra time a criminal will need to remain inside will become too excessive as most thieves like to be in and out as fast as possible.

To conclude, other than having to replace the garage door completely there are lots of affordable and effective measures that can be implemented to protect your belongings so there really is no excuse to neglect the garage when it comes to home security.