COVID-19 Crime Prevention Measures

If you are working from home or self-isolating due to COVID-19, please make sure you are following the appropriate crime prevention measures in order to keep yourselves and your belongings safe.

If you are having to leave your work vehicles parked in your driveway or on your street, please make sure that you’re not leaving any valuables in there. For example, if you’re a tradesperson, don’t leave your tools inside your van.

Likewise, if you have a keyless vehicle and are planning on leaving it parked in your driveway for a prolonged period of time, please make sure that you’re storing the keys away from your door, or in a faraday bag.

People should remain cautious when accepting help from strangers, either online or in person. We commend the community spirit and kindness that is being shown at this really difficult time, but please remember that unfortunately not everyone has the best intentions. Be wary about sharing personal information with people you don’t know, such as your address or your pin number.

There have also been reports across the country of COVID-19 related scams, such as phishing emails or phone calls, which are being sent with the intention of attempting to trick people into opening malicious attachments, or revealing sensitive personal or financial information. Remember, your bank or the police would never ask you to disclose information such as your pin number over the phone. Avoid clicking links in emails from unknown senders – if it seems suspicious, delete it straight away.

Unfortunately, some people will be using this scary time to take advantage of those who are most vulnerable for their own personal gain. We can all work together to try to prevent this from happening.

If you have any concerns you can report information online at or speak to an operator in the Force Communications Room via online web chat  or call their non-emergency number 101. If a crime is in progress or someone’s life is in danger, call 999 immediately.

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