Christmas Security Advice: Don’t let thieves steal your Christmas!

1. Opportunistic Thieves:

  • Opportunistic thieves are individuals who seize the moment when they come across an easy opportunity. They may not have a specific plan or target in mind, but if they see an open window, an unlocked door, or valuables in plain sight, they may take advantage of the situation. Opportunistic thieves often act impulsively and may not be specifically targeting the holiday season.
  • To protect your home from opportunistic thieves, it’s crucial to eliminate vulnerabilities that could make your property an easy target. This includes locking doors and windows, keeping valuable items out of sight, and being mindful of home security even during the holiday rush.

2. Planned Thieves:

  • In contrast, some thieves meticulously plan their criminal activities, especially during the holiday season when they know homes may be filled with valuable gifts and the residents may be away. These individuals may study their targets, track homeowners’ routines, and time their burglaries when they believe the house is least likely to be occupied.
  • Planned thieves are often more organised and methodical in their approach. They may invest time in reconnaissance, gather information about potential targets, and may even coordinate with others to execute their plans.
  • To protect your home from planned thieves, it’s essential to implement a comprehensive security strategy that goes beyond the basics. This may include installing a home security system, using timers for lights and electronics, and notifying trusted neighbours or friends about your travel plans so they can keep an eye on your property.

In both cases, the goal is to minimise the opportunity for thieves to succeed. By understanding that burglars can fall into these two categories, you can take a more holistic approach to your Christmas security preparations.

Out shopping

•  Park your car in a well-lit area, and if possible in a secure car park. If you have a GPS unit, make sure it’s kept off the dashboard and not visible from outside.

Key Points:

  1. Types of Thieves: There are two main types of thieves during the Christmas season: opportunistic thieves and those who plan their thefts. It’s essential to take precautions to deter both types and protect your holiday.
  2. Out Shopping:
    • Keep valuable possessions like phones and wallets out of sight.
    • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or gift cards.
    • Park your car in well-lit areas or secure car parks.
    • Keep GPS units hidden from view.
    • Use a credit card for Christmas purchases to potentially have insurance coverage.
    • Be cautious at ATM machines to avoid card skimming.
  3. At Home:
    • Ensure all windows are closed and locked to prevent opportunistic burglaries.
    • When going on holiday, fully secure your home, cancel newspaper deliveries, and create the appearance of an occupied home with help from a neighbour.
    • Avoid sharing holiday plans online to keep your absence discreet.
    • Do not hide spare keys around your property.
    • Keep valuables and presents out of sight from passersby.
    • Beware of post-Christmas scammers who may attempt to steal personal information.
    • Lock your shed to prevent burglars from accessing tools that could help them break into your home.
  4. Personal Safety:
    • Be cautious when attending Christmas parties and consuming alcohol.
    • Avoid walking alone at night and stay aware of your surroundings.
    • If you feel unsafe, call the police immediately.
  5. General Tips:
    • Stay vigilant and minimise risks to yourself and your property.
    • Keep an eye on your surroundings.
    • Remember to prioritise safety during the Christmas season.


FAQs: Christmas Burglary

How can you shield your home from unwelcome intruders?

One of the most effective ways to safeguard your home during the holidays is by installing a burglar alarm system. This not only acts as a deterrent to potential intruders but also provides you with invaluable peace of mind, knowing that your home is under protection.

For an even higher level of security, it’s advisable to consider the addition of a video doorbell or outdoor CCTV cameras to your home security setup. These additional layers of protection allow you to remain vigilant, even in your absence, ensuring that unexpected visitors are easily monitored, especially if you plan to be away during the Christmas period.

How can I protect my home from Christmas burglaries?

To protect your home during the holiday season, consider these precautions:

  • Keep travel plans discreet and avoid sharing them on social media.
  • Use timers for lights to create the appearance of an occupied home.
  • Lock all doors and windows securely.
  • Consider installing a security system with monitoring services.
  • Avoid displaying valuable gifts where they can be seen from outside.

Are there specific days or times when burglaries are more likely to occur around Christmas?

  • While burglaries can happen at any time, some reports suggest that Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve may see a slight increase in burglary activity, as some homes may be empty during Christmas gatherings. However, it’s important to note that burglary patterns can vary widely, and being cautious year-round is essential.

What should I do if I suspect a burglary or notice suspicious activity during Christmas?

  • If you suspect a burglary or notice any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood during Christmas, do not confront the individuals involved. Instead, call the police immediately to report the incident. Providing a detailed description of any suspicious individuals or vehicles can be helpful to the Police.

Remember, staying aware, taking precautions, and having a well-thought-out security plan can help protect your home and ensure a safe and enjoyable Christmas.

In conclusion, these tips aim to help you protect your home, belongings, and personal safety during the Christmas season. Stay vigilant and have a Merry Christmas!

By Peter Alligan, Managing Director at Eurotech Security Systems