How to Avoid Contracting COVID-19 From Office Doors

At a time when everybody is trying everything possible to avoid contracting coronavirus, it is crucial for you as a CEO or business owner to come up with further measures to protect yourself and your employees at the office. Besides regular disinfecting of surfaces, distancing of desks, and having staff come to the office in shifts, it is best that you also minimise the number of surfaces they come into contact with as much as possible, starting with the doors.

Security is a significant concern in all offices. Still, the current ‘push button’ to open or exit system installed in your office doors promotes the spread of the deadly coronavirus rather than averting. According to information passed by the government and the World Health Organization, Coronavirus survives on various surfaces from hours to days, depending on the type of surface, and the office door push button is no exception. The good thing is, this is something you can work on, and keep everyone safe from contracting Covid-19 from office doors by switching from the push button to an infrared no touch button for office doors.

The majority of people believe that push buttons are safe because the surface area that one comes to contact with is tiny, which means the chances of contracting coronavirus are very minimal, but this is far from the truth. Once you touch a contaminated surface, no matter how small, you are as good as infected because it is hard to overcome the temptation of touching your face, eyes, nose, or mouth. Others opt to use the sleeves of jackets of sweaters to push the button, but remember, covid-19 survives on clothes for 24hours, and you can easily contract the disease or spread it as well.

It is also not practical to have cleaning staff stationed at every door in your office to disinfect the push buttons every time they are used.

Why the infrared no-touch button?

The idea is to minimise surface contact as much as possible, and infrared offers the best non touch solution. When an infected staff or client touches their nose, eyes, or mouth and then touches any of the push buttons before washing or disinfecting their hands, parts of the virus remain on the button exposing many more to Covid-19.

The infrared non-touch button comes in handy, and as the name suggests, it involves no touching of the doors at any time. All that one needs to do is to place their hand close to the infrared sensor, and it automatically opens. The good thing is it can work to a range of up to 10 cm helping you avoid altogether touching the door or any buttons. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and the infrared non-touch button is the best form of prevention you can have for your office doors.

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