The Security Benefits of Gates & Fencing

Do you live in an area that has a high crime rate? Would your home benefit from improved levels of privacy and security without having to compromise on aesthetic appeal? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then keep reading to learn about the beneficial reasons for installing gates and fencing around the perimeter of your residential property.

Layered Security

When you consider that many thefts are opportunistic in nature it makes sense to have a layered security plan in place to help deter criminals looking to make easy money. Thieves want to get into your property and out again in the fastest possible time therefore the benefits of having several physical security barriers in place to protect your valuables should not be underestimated.

An example of this could be in the form of gates at the front of the property, a gate leading to the rear and side of the property, high fencing, CCTV and security lighting. This type of defence would be ideal because even if the first line of defence is breached there is a secondary security measure in its place to slow down the criminal, prevent them from accessing the space or even helping to capture them for evidence for the police.

Reducing the Risk of Opportunistic Crimes

When you think about protecting the home many people will automatically look to the house alone. For example they will fit high security doors, lock windows etc and think they have done enough. This is a mistake as neglecting the exterior or your home (where more often than not there is a treasure trove of valuables at risk of being stolen) as it is just as appealing to the opportunistic criminal (if not more so as the risks are lower). For example if a thief has the chance of getting round the back of your house to the shed then valuable tools and machinery will be gone in no time.

So what are the best precautions to take?

Driveway – The provision of a set of high quality double gates (in either metal or timber) will help to secure the main driveway entrance leading onto your property. When selecting an appropriate design you should tailor the height to the level of security you wish to achieve (based on the threat levels you feel appropriate). For example, to provide a low level security barrier a set of gates around 3ft-4ft in height will usually be sufficient however if you would prefer a more secure design then the added protection a set of taller 6-7ft high gates will provide will be an excellent choice. For additional security make sure the gates can be locked easily or alternatively for added user convenience the addition of electric gates are an excellent choice.

Pedestrian Entrances – This includes areas of the property such as the front path, side access around to the rear garden or even a rear access point. As with the above mentioned driveway gates the most effective way to deter criminals and trespassers from targeting your home is to keep the gates closed and locked at any time you do not need to get through. With hundreds of sizes and designs to choose from online from market leading companies such as Metal Gates Direct there really is no excuse to leave your home unprotected.

Garden Walls – If your property features an existing boundary wall and you feel it does not provide a sufficient level of protection against somebody climbing over then the addition of wrought iron railings is a sensible option. With many designs featuring spear shaped finials they will create an imposing look whilst enhancing the appearance of your home.

The Main Boundary – Depending on the location of your property there are lots of options available when it comes to securing the boundary. For town and city gardens the most common method of securing the boundary is through the use of wooden fence panels as these are readily available from most DIY stores, cost very little and can be replaced with ease if damaged. In comparison properties located in the country side more commonly use hedges as a defining feature however as these take a long time to grow will not be suitable for all situations where an instant security deterrent is required.

In conclusion there are many benefits to installing gates and fencing around your property including:

  • Improved Security
  • Keeps Children and Pets Safe
  • Provides additional Security
  • Gives the Homeowner Piece of mind

As such the next time you are looking to make improvements to your homes security one of the first ports of call should be the boundary and access points as deterring criminals from accessing your property in the first place is one of the most effective measures you can take to keep you, your family and your valuables safe at all times regardless of whether the home is occupied or vacant.